We’re Adam and Emma. Two friends who created BLOODY NORA PAM to enable people to spread bold positive and empowering messages that we really believe in. After learning that life is tragically short we knew we had to start working on our dream.

In December 2015 Adams brother Josh died suddenly aged 24 due to sepsis. He was the most beautiful and amazing person that we have ever known and inspired the BLOODY NORA PAM name. Josh had a ridiculous sense of humour and an ability to make you laugh at anything. 

One of the many ridiculous and funny moments that Josh gave us happened when he witnessed aunt Pammy putting sugar in uncle Johnny’s tea which he was totally not expecting and he shouted loudly “Bloody nora Pam, have you put sugar in this?”. 

Josh found this moment hilarious and it made him laugh so much. When he found that something that funny he just couldn’t stop repeating it until we were all laughing with him too. We started using it for all unexpected surprises and every moment we shout it loud and think of Josh and laugh and smile.

Although we wanted to start this adventure when Josh was alive he is still with us every step of the way. We all miss him every single day.  His love and light and positivity is a constant inspiration for us. We will continue to raise awareness and donate part of our profits to the UK Sepsis Trust in his honour. 

Adam and Emma